Sony PlayStation®4 - 500 GB Console

  Sony PlayStation®4 - 500 GB Console - Jet Black   Technical data Category          Playstation® 4 console Colour             Black Memory capacity         500 GB   Highlights &...

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Sony PlayStation®4 - 500 GB Console - Jet Black


Technical data

Category          Playstation® 4 console

Colour             Black

Memory capacity         500 GB


Highlights & details


    500 GB hard drive & 8 GB memory

    Includes the new DualShock®4 Wireless Controller

    Integrates second screens, including PS®Vita, smartphones and tablets




!! Sony has so far not specified an exact release date !!


Sony Computer Entertainment Presents: PlayStation®4 (PS4™)


PlayStation®4, the next generation of Sony’s entertainment system, takes the world of gaming to the next level. Powerful graphics, high speed processing, smart adaptations, system-integrated social tools and a whole range of other innovative features redefine the 21st century gaming experience.


Aimed at Gamers. Inspired by Imagination.


The new PS4 gaming experience includes anything that PlayStation® has to offer these days –

access to other game consoles, to mobile devices, and to the PlayStation® network. The next-gen PS4 has been developed employing the following five principles for user experience and future game design: simple, direct, social, integrated, personalised. Inspired by gamer requirements and the imagination of Sony’s developers, PS4 has one single objective: providing the ultimate gaming experience. The PS4 system architecture enables gamers to tap into an unprecedented world of experience by simplifying the access to anything and everything.


System Specifications.


The PS4 architecture combines highest performance levels with an equally high level of usability. The core modules of the PS4 are an 8-core x86 (64bit) chip specially developed for the PS4, and the latest GPU technology. Various improvements of the GPU now enable an increased usability for tasks beyond the process of general purpose computation (GPGPU), such as Physics simulations etc. The GPU contains an unified array of 18 compute units generating a collective output of 1.84 Teraflops which can be used for either graphic processing, or simulation tasks, or a combination of both. 8 GB system memory can be accessed by both CPU and GPU. This simplifies game development, enabling much more content detail. The GDDR5 type memory operates at a bandwidth of 176 GB per second, boosting graphic processing even further. Gamers will immediately notice how much the graphic

display has improved in both detail and precision, delivering a gaming experience exceeding all



Cloud Computing


Incorporating elements of Gaikai’s cloud gaming platform will offer a plethora of innovations when it comes to discovery, access, sharing content and game experiences. Players can access games, demo clips and many other types of content via the PlayStation network without the need to download. Browse the store and try out games straight away. The ultimate goal is to compile a vast and exhaustive cloud-based library of PlayStation 3 titles, most of which are also supposed to run on PS4.


The New DualShock®4 Controller


Designed with input from the developer community, the DualShock®4 Controller sports several new features enabling gaming in a whole new way.


The “Share” button allows players to instantly stream in-game action to friends in real time via Ustream etc. Other gamers can watch, comment, and even take over control if the original player gets stuck. The “Share button” also enables picture and video uploads to Facebook.


The Dual Shock 4 front features a multi-colour LED light bar, colour-coding individual characters in a game. Besides enabling a better interaction with the PS Eye cam for advanced motion control, the multi-colour display also serves as an important status indicator, telling players whether characters are weakened or injured


The Dual Shock®4 has been developed in conjunction with an additional peripheral device, a camera capable of using the controller light bars to calculate the precise position of individual controllers within a 3D environment. The camera is sold separately, contains four microphones for sophisticated sound recognition and tracking, and has been designed as an integral part of the PlayStation move motion control.


An entire new feature of the Dual Shock®4 is an integrated touch pad, providing a new way of

controller-based input. Additionally, the next-gen Dual Shock comes with an built-in mono speaker and a headset jack, to do sound effects and game soundtrack justice. PlayStation®4 will include a headset for game sound and online chatting via controller.


Like its predecessor, Dual Shock®4 adopts wireless technology and sports some significant



    a new and highly sensitive six-axis motion sensor for first rate motion control


    improved reshaped high-precision analogue sticks with advanced coating for an extra level of control accuracy


    reshaped L2 and R2 buttons at the controller top for a simplified and much smoother operation


    a new “Options” button, combining and replacing the “Select” and “Start” button of the Dual Shock for in-game menu control




PS Vita, Smartphone and Tablet Connectivity


PS4 integrates second screens, such as PS Vita, Smartphones and tablets, enabling gamers to take their fav content with them wherever they go.


Sony’s long term objective is to use WLAN to allow gamers to remote play PS4 via PS Vita, making PS Vita the ultimate PS4 accessory. There is also a new app called “PlayStationApp”, integrating iOS and Android smartphones and tablets into PS4. Installing the app on mobile devices enables e.g. players of adventure games to use the mobile device screen to view maps or other game-related information, or remote watch friends play. This app also allows the purchase of games on a mobile device when out and about, with the game being downloaded to the PS4 console at home.


Immediate Gaming Experience


PS4 has been designed with special emphasis on narrowing the gap between gamer and game

content, featuring a “suspend mode” capable of switching on power save within an ongoing game. Also, no more waiting between booting up the console and uploading a saved game. Pressing the on/off button is all that’s needed to instantly resume play at the point where the game was previously left off. During play, PS4 allows access to other apps, such as web browsers. Even when in stand-by mode, downloading or updating games in the background is still possible. When a game is purchased, PS4 operates using the “play while download” approach, to make sure gamers can start playing instantly, with the remaining chunk of content being downloaded in the background.


Share Experiences. Stay in Touch


Staying in touch with friends and other gamers is a vital part of the PS4 experience. This is why the PS4 core architecture deliberately incorporates a series of new functions, including an “always on” feature for video compression/decompression, supporting smooth uploading of game sequences. For the first time, players will be able to share videos of their top performances by simply pressing one button. The respective file will be uploaded in background. Streaming services such as Ustream enable real-time broadcasting of games to friends who, in turn, will be able to comment. They can even donate life support or supply additional weaponry to players that got stuck at a particularly difficult game level. Moreover, gamers can now sync Facebook and Sony Entertainment Network accounts as well as use

co-op gaming and cross game chatting to initiate, maintain and deepen contacts with friends and community.


Curated Personalised Content


The newly designed PS4 menu screen allows players to view game-related information shared by friends, to watch friends playing, and to access games, TV shows and movies recommended by friends. One of the PS4 long-term objectives is to zero the download time of digital content by proactively meeting the requirements of gamers.


Technical Specifications**


Processor: Single-chip custom processor

CPU: 8-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar

GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-gen Radeon™ based graphics engine

Memory: GDDR5 8GB

Display: 4 Games per remote. Continue playing your PS4 games on the Vita. Wherever you are.

Hard drive: 500 GB (Note: Disk partitioning user/ system reserved memory applies. Means user

available disk space is less than the quoted total.)

Optical drive: BD 6xCAV; DVD 8xCAV

I/O: Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0) AUX

Network: Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR)

AV output: HDMI

Analogue AV out

Optical digital output


** Sony reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice


Included in delivery



    DualShock®4 Wireless Controller

    Mono headset

    Connection cable

    HDMI cable

    USB cable


HDMI is a registered trademark of the HDMI Licensing L.L.C.


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